Saturday, 3 March 2012

Public Art in the Virtual Sphere & I'm Crime

4Gentlemen's Augmented Reality art was exhibited and reviewed at following events in CA recently:

CAA Los Angles panel discussion on Mobile Art:

Public Art in the Virtual Sphere

Physical and Virtual versions of the Goddess of Democracy sculpture.
LOS ANGELES, February 23 — CAA Panel: Public Art Dialog: Public Art in the Virtual Sphere
During this panel John Craig Freeman told a story, the most remarkable testament to Augmented Reality (AR) as an art & culture medium that I’ve ever heard: During the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, protesters created “The Goddess of Democracy,” a 10-meter-tall (33 ft) statue. A couple of decades later, 4Gentlemen created a virtual Goddess of Democracy and placed an Augmented Reality version at the precise location of the original inTiananmen Square. That’s very cool. But what is extraordinary is that during the protests in Tahrir Square, Cairo last year, 4Gentlemen took the digital Goddess of Democracy object and AR placed her in physical Tahrir Square. Incredible! (read more)


I Am Crime: Art on the Edge of Law is an exhibition of more than 30 artists and collectives that challenge, question or circumvent the law through their work.  Curated by Justin Hoover, I Am Crimetouches on issues of equity—who gets to break the law, when, and why.

“True Crime,” a collaborative installation conceived by Critical Art Ensemble, invites any visitor to become part of the exhibition– click here for details.

In I Am Crime some artists’ criminal trespasses are virtual or accidental, while others contribute documentation of carefully planned civil disobedience. Still others exhibit the residue of artworks which have actually been intervened upon by the United States legal system.

Dreamers Adrift, a group founded by Jesus Iñiguez and Julio Salgado, approach  illegality from a different angle. “Undocumented and Awkward,” a series of skits on video created by and for undocumented youth, highlights social inequalities faced by American immigrants.

Non-anonymous exhibiting artists include:
4GentlemenScott Kildall
E. Clair Acuda BandersnatchStewart Long
Miguel ArzabeMark McCloud
Ray BeldnerAnn Messner
Francis BakerJulio Cesar Morales
Oscar BrettJeremy Novy
Lisa K. BlattNite Owl
Mike BonannoGuy Overfelt
Danny BuskirkPLOTS
Susie CagleNeil Rivas (Clavo)
Critical Art Ensemble/Steve KurtzFavianna Rodriguez
Marque CornblattVictoria Scott
Dreamers AdriftJulio Salgado
Corbett GriffithEric Stewart
John Craig FreemanLuther Thie
Molly HankwitzZefrey Throwell
Jessica HessHans Winkler
Jesus IñiguezThe Yes Men
Lily & HongleiMichael Zheng
Scott Kildall