About 4 Gentlemen

4 Gentlemen is a collective of Chinese artists in exile and American artist. The name ‘4 Gentlemen’ refers to the group of Chinese intellectuals, namely Liu Xiaobo, Hou Dejian, Zhao Duo and Gao Xin, who actively participated and led Tiananmen Student Protest in 1989, and were consequently put into jail or fled abroad after June 4th , when Chinese government led by Deng Xiaoping cracked down the movement by killing many civilians with tanks and machine-guns. 

4 Gentlemen has launched a series of works criticizing human rights violations including repressions on religious freedom, intellectual freedom (Tank Man, Goddess of Democracy, Three  Wise Monkeys), and censorship (Great Firewall) in China, deploying new media technology, particularly Augmented Reality application for mobile phone. 

Through artistic practice, 4 Gentlemen will continue striving for Freedom of Expression, of Publishing, of Petition, and of Religion, in China. As Yu Jie, the writer-in-exile,  stated in My Statement in Leaving China, Chinese intellectuals’ most pertinent task is enabling people ‘in China and beyond as well as the international community to see the truth behind China’s economic growth — reckless autocracy, rampant corruption, deterioration of human rights, damage to the environment, moral decline.’

If you have any questions, please contact them by email: sijunzi2010@gmail.com

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  1. What you do is so great!!!!!! The world needs you guys