Saturday, 8 January 2011

The Hardest Lessons of the 20th Century

二十世纪的最沉重教训, 并非极权主义的兴起,而是自由国家没能阻止极权主义的迅速扩张与长期存在。享受着自由生活的西方左派名流们的误导世界舆论,把集权东方视为人类的未来,而把自由西方视为邪恶的象征,致使自由同盟对集权同盟的斗争变得步履蹒跚。
- 刘晓波

The Heaviest Lessons of the 20th Century, is not the rise of totalitarianism, but free States failed to prevent the rapid expansion and long existence of totalitarianism. Western leftists celebrities enjoying a free life have misled the public opinion by advocating East Totalitarianism should be regarded as future of humanity, while liberal West as a symbol of evil, as a result, Liberty Alliance becomes hobbling to fight Totalitarian Alliance.
- Liu Xiaobo

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