Friday, 21 January 2011

Hu-Obama Meeting 2011: What's the Deal
Unlike Mr. Hu’s previous trip five years ago, when he was not accorded full honors and a series of gaffes marred the visit, this one seems to have gone exactly according to script — which is how Beijing likes largely ceremonial events like state visits. There was a 21-gun salute, a gala dinner, and a live news conference that went about as well as could be expected for the press-shy Mr. Hu. Business deals were signed, a small child was hugged, and a major speech was delivered.

From China’s point of view, the trip was intended to do two things. The first was to show Mr. Hu being accorded the respect he is due as head of a powerful country. That was the Washington part of the trip, with all of its pomp and circumstance.

It was also meant to highlight China’s soft power by having Mr. Hu visit Chicago and inspect a Chinese company — to show that China is not just the world’s factory but an investor and job creator itself overseas. Also on the agenda was a visit to a Confucius Institute, one of the country’s new chain of cultural centers that Beijing is banking on to spread its influence in more subtle ways.

Translation: Boxun reporter received information from an expert of  think tank at Washington Foundation (?), who said before Hu's visit to Washington, his trusted reached a secret agreement with White House: Hu will be treated with high standard of hospitality, and be highly praised. It is said, althogh no written agreement, during a short period of two and half months, 3 high Chinese officials including Dai Bingguo, repeatedly made assurance to the White House: during the next 2 years when Obama seeks re-election, 'with greatest sincerity and taking unprecedented actions of the century, China will help Chinese, American economies getting better,  ' to achieve win-win.

Of course, the expert said, win-win does not refer to the two countries, instead, Obama wins presidential election in two years, and Hu wins the power battle within CCP. ...

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